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Radici is immersed in the beauty of nature. The roots of man are grounded on popular wisdom: the creativity of farmers enhances the flavors of a “poor” cuisine and bring timeless recipes to life.


The hall, with its irregular brick vault built in 1878, welcomes you to a warm and elegant space, illuminated by the light that permeates from the surrounding cherry trees.

Enter through two wings of land covered by jasmine and have a glimpse of the experience that awaits you at Radici: see how Piedmont’s “poor” ingredients and history are ennobled by an elegant, attentive and generous cuisine.

the old hall from 1878 and the vineyards
the preparation of bread and breadsticks

Respect for the raw material puts our hands at the service of the ingredients. Radici's cuisine is rooted in Piedmont and Monferrato, a generous territory where we work alongside farmers who respect natural production. 

We source our supplies from breeders and fish farmers who pay close attention to the delicate ecosystem and animal welfare.

The essence of our philosophy is the enhancement of “poor” raw materials, which are the true treasures of this land. We honor the breeding process that comes before a deferential slaughtering of an animal, by utilizing cuts that are usually discarded. We value the wisdom of the farmers, making use of fresh ingredients that observe seasonal development, in order to taste their highest expression.

the dishes of Radici